Hi and welcome to Man Dog Rat.com the website of Rich Allport.
I am a freelance Art Director and Concept Artist and have worked for over three decades providing creative solutions for Feature Films, Computer Games, Children’s Animated Television, Theatre, Theme Park rides and Advertising. I have also Lectured at Diploma level in Art Direction, Concept Art and Special Effects Make-up.

I have worked on projects for companies including Paramount Pictures, Sony Computer Entertainment, Apple, Disney, BBC Animation, Rag Doll Entertainment, Universal Pictures, The Tussauds Group and Aardman Animation.

I am a strong believer in the pursuit of creative originality and think that ideas can come from both traditional design processes as well as more spontaneous methods. Both working together to create final results.

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“Having had the good fortune to work alongside so many incredibly talented people throughout my career including Designers, Animators, Composers, Children’s Authors, Editors and people involved in how Education is shaped and delivered, I feel honoured to have learned so much from them and their own creativity that I can truly say that the projects I have worked on wouldn’t have been the exciting and inspirational journeys that they have without their collaboration. I owe them a great deal and thank them for being the truly creative professionals they are!”   
Rich Allport 2019

Take the Dropship design as an example.
After much thinking and scribbling, generating
predictable ideas, the final more original design
came from simply looking around at objects.
In this case, we ended up using a can opener as a starting point. Creative solutions can often be found in the most unusual places!

“Richard’s conceptual artwork and art direction is inspiring! His ideas are rich and original, a delight to work with!” Paul Farrer: BMI Award winning Composer for Film and Television. www.paulfarrer.com

“Richard is annoyingly talented! I try and hide his pens, but it doesn’t help!” Bob Keen: Motion Picture Director, CEO of Image Animation.

“Richard has a contagious enthusiasm for his work and is inspirational to work with.” Emma Clayton: Carnegie Medal Award nominated Children’s Author.

“Richard’s approach is both inspiring and motivating. His creativity is infectious!” Rebecca Naina: Creative Art Coordinator- Hamstead Hall School.

“The creative approach and techniques that Richard employs are coupled with a refreshingly commercial eye. A very creative guy!” Nick Underwood: Director of Open Mind Productions.”

“Richard’s creative skills and approach to communicating ideas make learning fun and intuitive. His Lectures have been motivational and inspirational for everyone involved.” Rachel Burroughs: Governor to the Department of Achievement and Learning.

Please take a look around my site and feel free to contact me if you would like to discuss anything about the work I do or how I could assist on any projects you may have.

Richard Allport 2019

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